IP Cameras

We all need to feel safe and secure in our own homes. If we can’t feel safe there, where can we feel safe? A burglary really can have a lasting negative impact on you and your families well-being and can leave you feeling vulnerable. Even the mention of a burglary elsewhere has you questioning whether your home is secure enough and with burglary on the rise (4% between July and September last year) we’re growing evermore conscious of our own safety and protection and whether what we’re doing to keep ourselves, our families and our belongings safe is making a difference when there seems to be a burglar lurking on every corner.

Security Cameras

Despite the recent recession, IP home security cameras have actually been on the rise. These video cameras can be connected wirelessly (or wired) to your homes internet network and often have their own web server, which allows you to phone in or check the video recording while you’re out out the house to make sure everything is okay.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are also on the rise if you’re after something a bit simpler. Sites like 6Webs provide reviews of alarm systems. These one-box systems have a sensor, controller and siren all packed in to one and more often than not, you can chose from a selection of different alarms. These would be more suitable for smaller houses, flats and student accommodation. Some companies offer an App for your phone that connects to your alarm system in your home, allowing you to see alerts and turn off false alarms even if you’re in at home.

General Home Security

Obviously, you can have all the technology in the world but sometimes it’s just not enough. There are a lot of very small, incredibly easy things you can do to decrease your chance of any burglaries at home.

- Don’t leave any bins/ladders/chains close to your back gate or fence as this will give someone leverage if they were climbing over. You’re basically giving them a step into your back garden. If they still manage to get in and there’s nothing for them to step onto, they’re more likely to fall and make a noise, therefore alerting you.

- When you leave the house, make sure there are no expensive belongings on show from the windows e.g. phones, laptops, tablets, jewelry etc. Keep it well hidden as it will decrease burglars incentive for choosing your house.

- A lot of people keep their keys by the front door, either hanging on a hook or on a small table – make sure these keys are out of reach. Put them up high or in the kitchen away from the front door where people might be able to get through the letterbox.

- Ask your local police for home security gadgets, as they should be happy to give them to you for free. For example a small system you can stick onto patio doors which triggers an alarm if it feels like someone is forcing their way in or DNA testing kits to use on possessions which will indicate if they are ever stolen. Look for reviews of security companies. If you live in an area with Comcast then do a search for Xfinity security reviews and see what comes up.